A Short Car Ride for Nigel Simon

Nigel Simon was an athletics trainer in Cambridge and he was planning a short trip of about 120 miles in length. He knew how to drive but had no car so he needed to start searching for one. The most he could afford to pay was about $2,000 American dollars.

After shopping at five different dealers, Nigel finally found a car that looked to be one of his dreams. It was an apple red Corvette with a convertible top. The car was in mint condition inside and out. Nigel paid the dealer and then called up three insurance companies to get the best quote of auto insurance.

The lowest quote was the third insurance company he called up. He paid only a monthly premium for a short term car insurance policy from here, which the company told him he could cancel at any time, even for the Corvette.

Nigel accepted the offer and the rate and drove back to his flat to start packing the car. The Corvette had a very small trunk, but he didn't mind since he was only taking two suitcases. One for all his clothes an the other for his laptop, an alarm clock, an electric razor, a toothbrush, a thick yellow notebook, and seven blue pens with red ink.

He had the car packed and ready by 7:30 in the morning on a Tuesday. It was a cold rainy day on this November 17, 2010. Nigel had never been on this route before but he had a general idea where Cambridge was. He knew he had to travel north not south. He wanted to test himself to the fullest so he didn't use a global navigational system or even mapquest it out.

He figured the trip would take him about two and a half hours. Once he arrived, he would need the Corvette to enable him to get around town there so he could commute from his new flat to Cambridge University, where he was going to teach an interim class in exercise science and physiology. His tenure there would last about three months, just perfect for the amount of insurance he took out. He couldn't rely on walking to class each day since he wasn't familiar and intimate with the new area, and his flat was thirty five miles away.

Nigel realized that he was benefiting greatly with the coverage for the Corvette. He didn't have to tie up a full years worth of money with the insurance company as the majority of customers would on a standard annual policy. He also was able to obtain complete comprehensive coverage at a substantial discount, which meant he was totally covered in case of events like theft, fires, car vandalism, or an accident with another vehicle, a pedestrian or some property, such as a wall or a tree.

The temporary policy he bought from this site made Nigel feel especially safe and secure as he didn't want to be financially responsible for anyone's medical injuries. He saved a ton of money because when he got back home, he had no intention of keeping the car. He was going to try to immediately sell it as he never owned a car in his life until now. He knew his little town like the back of his hand, and walked everywhere he needed to go all his adult life.

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